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:bulletred: 100 Theme Challenge: 40/100 complete
:bulletred: Fan artz
:bulletred: Character ref sheets for summer contest.
:bulletred: Memes

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-Cewilson gift

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What others owe me:
:bulletred: Chrisseh-chan Mini plushie prize. Doubt she'll ever do ANY of the prizes. But I can still hope.
:bulletred: kuberish Sketch chibi prize

dA Questionaire LET'S DO DIS

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 9, 2015, 10:46 AM

Waiting for :iconvoraciouspanda: and :iconboyyprince: to wake up so we can go see :iconj-don-bonne: So sure, I'll play.

1.) How long have you been on DeviantArt?

 7 years. Holy shit! Was completely inactive/mostly lurked/never fav'd/commented/posted for the 1st 2 years though. >w>;;

2.) What does your username mean?

Real name Kindra. Nickname from my teeny bopper days that family/friends used was Kindiicane. Then I shortened it to Kindii for my username. :3

3.) Describe yourself in three words.

Assertive. Quirky. Sleepy.

4.) Are you left or right handed?


5.) What was your first deviation?
Mew by Kindii

6.) What is your favourite type of art to create?

Tiny people in giant hands from the POV of the big person. :B

7.) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Like...super expressive cartoony styles. Where you can make the characters stretch out and squish up to convey over-the-top emotions/actions without making it look weird.
Surrealism and abstract could also be interesting to have INSTANT MASTERY over. Those two confuse my brain and drawing hand. :I

8.) What was your first favourite?
Feline Fun by resizer Ha oh man these little dudes still look awesome, :iconbirvan: >w<

9.) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Landscapes/environment paintings/photos that make me go "Oooohhhhh." Unique creature designs. Fan art of whatever I'm into at the time. And of course tiny/giant humanoids doing stuff.

10.) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Hnnnnng. :iconcryptid-creations:

10.) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I've already met a bunch of peeps. But next on my list of dream meet ups would be:
:iconwowandwas: :iconkelly-writerssoul: :iconemeryaxiom: :iconsithlordnergal: :iconbiali: :iconfeatherpantsd: :iconkuberish: and I need to stop typing. Too many people. @ w @

11.) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
There's definitely some people that have impacted me negatively. Like...real creepers. Learned the value of stranger danger. And that it's NOT okay for someone to feel entitled to demand free stuff from me just because they comment/fav occasionally. And that it's okay for me to completely cut people out of my life if they are going to verbally abuse people I care about. Talking shit to/about me is fine. But you don't fuck with my friends! D8<

But on the positive end, I've learned a lot of shortcuts/techniques/general technical skill stuff from...I'm sure from a lot of people, but the first few names to come to mind are :iconblazbaros: :iconthebrigeeda: :iconkelly-writerssoul:
Just from watching them stream or receiving critique or from them sending me awesome tutorials or a slap upside the head and a solid "NO. You don't do that!." Much thanks to ya'll. :3

12.) What are your preferred tools to create art?

Pencil/pen and paper. And Sketchbook Pro for coloring.

13.) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My living room if the household is empty. @ w @

14.) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

:iconvoraciouspanda: 4 or 5 years ago we like...stayed up hella late one night just commenting back and forth about our own personal giant/tiny rules and quirks. And it was my first time really talking to someone about the fandom in that depth. And it was great. You precious cinnamon roll or however the meme goes. I hug you after you finish that gay cereal you're eating.




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Thank You... by jennyleigh

:bulletblue: Notice a general theme in my gallery? Well the genre is called "giant-tiny"; aka "GT" or "G/t". It is a fandom that revolves around a fascination for the interaction between people of vastly different sizes (humans, fairies, borrowers, brownies, giants, etc etc). And when you're playing with scale, it opens up a lot of fun possibilities to use in drawings/writings. So the genre allows people to take an everyday situation and after putting a G/t spin on it, make something really unique and fun. :3

:bulletblue: G/t is NOT to be confused with the fetish "macrophilia". I get zero sexual pleasure from the genre. It's just harmless fun. That said, if you're into the fetish aspects of the genre, then fine, you enjoy that. But like with religion and political views, don't push your fetishes on me.

:bulletblue: G/t isn't all I draw. But to please watchers, it's mostly what I'll post.

:bulletblue: Drawing is purely my hobby, but I'd still like to improve. So any constructive criticism is welcome. If you notice me struggling with something, send some tutorials my way!

:bulletblue: Message me if you want to chat. I don't bite. :heart:
But I am horribly slow at replying. -w-;;

:bulletblue: Thanks, and have a wonderful day! :icongianthugplz:



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Friendlyfoxpal Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for all the faves! ^^
Kindii Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Belated YW! I had a couple hours to clear my inbox that day. Now it's a couple weeks later and I can do it again. 8D MOAR FAV AND RUNS! AND OCCASIONAL RANDOM COMMENTS. AWAAAaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Friendlyfoxpal Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe yay!! Randomness!!! >w< 
Osric09 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey. *poke*

Didn't want to bug you, but... well here's a poke all the same.

How's it going?
Kindii Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You poked a zombie! *shambles forward*

Things are going. My work shifts have changed to 1 pm -11pm/midnight Monday-Friday. And I've gone out of town the past 3 weekends in a row. So I've slowly accepted that I can only have fun/a social life on weekends. :/ Money is nice to have, but adult life still sucks. I was SUPPOSED to start earlier work hours, but our newest employees are giant diaper babies and they can't be left unattended at night; hence my late ass hours. -n- This gif sums up my relationship with them:…

How's your own lab work going?
Osric09 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Wow... lovely work hours. And I totally agree that adult life sucks. ;W;

Lab work... is going, I guess? Right now, though, I'm only looking forward to vacations... I want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
StrangeCat-13 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the favorite!Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
originalvanpier Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Greetings! It is nice to meet you
Kindii Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello new person! I guess you found me via G/t stuff. So thanks for the watch! :icongiantglompplz:
Though I don't know when I'll actively be uploading again. Work hours are icky.
originalvanpier Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, kinda... well, no, yes I have. ^^" I saw your rp with um... uberking... don't recall which... um... I of course don't expect to rp with you... mostly because everyone I rp with eventually... gradually... leave without giving a reason... um... sorry but um... I was interested in a simple conversation at first but um... you do very good work, and while I prefer giantess to giant, it really is very well done and adorable, so I am looking forward to the eventuality of a post from you... um... y... you don't need to reply, of course... I kind of don't expect it... but it was nice to meet you
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