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To do list:

:bulletred: 100 Theme Challenge: 40/100 complete
:bulletred: Sawa doodles
:bulletred: Fan artz
:bulletred: Jump on YCH bandwagon? Limit to 3 or 4 character slots.

What I owe others :
-Kelly trade
-Cewilson gift

Contests to enter:…

What others owe me:
:bulletred: Chrisseh-chan Mini plushie prize. Doubt she'll ever do ANY of the prizes. But I can still hope.
:bulletred: d9lid9vil Sketch chibi prize

Secret Santa 2014 roster (30 of 30)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 8, 2014, 7:27 PM

:iconinotnedloh: for :iconlumieredarling:
Secret Santa gift!! by InotNedloh

:iconlumieredarling: for :iconinotnedloh:
Breakfast and Presents~ A Christmas Short Story(Warning: Contains Fluff)
     Adam let out huge yawn, blinking sleep from his eyes he looked around, his vision was slightly blurred from falling asleep with his glasses on. A quick glance at the electric blue alarm clock on his nightstand told him it was only 6:33 in the morning. Normally he would go back to sleep, maybe even in bed this time, but today was the exception. It is the one day a year everyone actually wants to get up early.. Christmas. Adam grinned, he still loved Christmas morning and looked forward to it every year, but this Christmas would be even better. This year he got to spend Christmas with Poptart.
He glanced over at the bed, expecting to see her tiny form under his blanket when a tiny snoring from his pocket told him that Poptart had opted to sleep in there for the night. He smiled at the thought of her wanting to stay with him, despite the fact that had fallen asleep at his desk after staying up too late reading.

:iconsapphirelink: for :iconphoenix-firemage:
A Star on a Tree (Secret Santa gift)Roland was ready, he's been practicing this for the last 2 months discreetly, but he knows he's ready now. He's been talking about it with Erik for a while and he managed to convince the giant to let him do this task. He got his gloves on, set up his ladder, and made sure the object was big enough to be seen to Erik but also light enough to carry up the ladder. Roland looks up the ladder, knowing this was going to be a long trip.
In the living room with Roland, Erik was sitting on the couch pretending to read a book but really watching Roland attempt his task. It's been a little over  a year since Roland suddenly appeared on his table while he was eating lunch, Roland begging Erik not to eat him because he was tiny and Erik was giant. Erik was glad the tiny was more comfortable around him, and they were getting along well.
Back to the task on hand, Roland had asked Erik if he could put the star on top of the Christmas tree, since he couldn't really help with any other ornaments. E

:iconphoenix-firemage: for :iconsapphirelink:
Christmas Party by Phoenix-FireMage

:icontewateroniakwa: for :iconoddgtsgirl:
Secret Santa 2014 by Tewateroniakwa

:iconoddgtsgirl: for :iconawesome-tree:
Bbq by oddgtsgirl

:iconawesome-tree: for :iconkindii:
Secret Santa gift for Kindii by Awesome-tree

:iconkindii: for :iconwowandwas:
Candy cane sword fighting by Kindii

:iconwowandwas: for :iconbroadshore:
Secret Santa 2014! by WOWandWAS

:iconbroadshore: for :iconfriendlyfoxpal:
A Little Secret Santa project for Friendlyfoxpal! by Broadshore

:iconfriendlyfoxpal: for :iconnaga-fanatic:
What kind of gift is this??~Secret Santa 2014 by Friendlyfoxpal

:iconlady-leviathan104-24: for :iconkelly-writerssoul:
So a demon and a god walk into a bar... by Lady-Leviathan104-24Xmas xchange by Lady-Leviathan104-24

:iconkelly-writerssoul: for :icongt-pearl:
.:Secret Santa:. Snowman with a Puff by Kelly-WritersSoul .:Secret Santa:. Cookies! by Kelly-WritersSoul

:icongt-pearl: for :iconlady-leviathan104-24:
Secret Santa 2014! by GT-Pearl

:iconx-cocoa-tenshi-x: for :iconchyrakink:
Secret Santa for Chyrakink by x-Cocoa-Tenshi-x

:iconchyrakink: for :iconmichat2:
Secret Santa 2014 by Chyrakink

:iconmichat2: for :iconkuberish:
Secret Santa 2014: Yaten, Kenji, Sachi, Maya by michat2

:iconkuberish: for :iconx-cocoa-tenshi-x:
Secret Santa for Edward by kuberish 

:iconmega-monochrome: for :iconthebrigeeda:
A Mareep Christmas to you, Godzilla! by Mega-Monochrome

:iconthebrigeeda: for :icondarthfeatherpants:
Secret Santa 2014 - DarthFeatherPants by TheBrigeeda

:icondarthfeatherpants: for :iconxcrazyflyinacesx:
Secret Santa for xcrazyflyinacesx by DarthFeatherpants

:iconxcrazyflyinacesx: for :iconthemacro-johannes:
Stocking Stuffers - SS 2014 by XCrazyFlyinAcesX

:iconthemacro-johannes: for :iconmega-monochrome:
Secret Santa: Kira on Ice by TheMacro-Johannes

:iconthetabbycat1999: for :iconpinoykambal:
Untitled by TheTabbyCat1999

:iconpinoykambal: for :iconice-cove27:
My Secret Santa Gift to Ice-Cove27 by PinoyKambal

:iconice-cove27: for :iconthetabbycat1999:
Secret Santa gift! by Ice-Cove27

:iconsoul-reader: for :iconpl1:
Secret Santa GiftOliver drummed his fingers lightly on the bedside table whilst he waited for his tiny friend to wake up.  Rosie lay in her little bed that Oliver had made for her, her hair fanned across the pillow. Oliver watched her little chest rise and fall with the motion of her breathing. His acute sense of hearing allowed him to hear her fast heartbeat. In comparison to his own, Rosie's was like a little mouse's heartbeat whilst his own was like a great bull elephant's. It has been just over a year since Oliver and Rosie had met, since Rosie's home had been devastated by his own people. Oliver had been one of the few that had refused to participate in the destruction of the tiny humans, or the "little 'uns" as they were commonly called by Oliver's people, who referred to themselves as Giants; liking the fear that it instilled in the puny humans. Rosie had been living with Oliver for little over a year now. 
Oliver remembered stumbling across her, purely by chance whilst he was looking

:iconpl1: for :iconcanis5lupus:
Carson and Glover's Christmas (Mis)Adventure“Carson, think we’ll see Santa?” Glover whispered, trailing along behind his older brother.  His brown eyes were opened wide thanks to the dim light inside the walls.
Carson rolled his eyes and turned back to face his silly little brother.  The boy was only twelve, but he really shouldn’t still believe in stories like that.  “You know Santa isn’t real, ‘Ver.  That’s just a Bean story.”
Glover frowned.  “But I heard the kid Beans talking about it.  They even went to bed early to make sure Santa would come.  They never go to bed early.”
Carson shook his head, but opted not to argue any further.  The Beans going to bed early was the only reason Glover was allowed to go borrowing tonight.  He was far too curious for the normal runs.  Mother and Pops worried that the boy would get himself Seen one day just by exploring too far.
Carson Pantry was eighteen and basically a

:iconcanis5lupus: for :icongianttoby:
Unsung Hero - Secret Santa Gift for GiantTobySecret Santa Gift for :iconGiantToby:
    Fluffy white flakes drifted from the sky to an idyllic woodland landscape only to be caught by a bitter north wind. No creature stirred from its home as the blizzard raged. Well, almost no creature. A human wandered alone, lost in the whiteout. They were dressed warmly, full down coat down to their their knees. A warm, fur-lined hat covered their head and ears while a thick wool scarf protected their lower face. Mittens to match the hat protected the human's hands, and long, fur-lined boots did the same for their feet as they plowed through the deep snow already on the ground. The wind had managed to loose some long chocolate brown hair from underneath the hat, whipping it around. Small puffs of white escaped from under the scarf as the human labored through the blizzard.
    "Where's that blasted path?" the figure murmured, revealing her gender. "It should be around here somewhere!"
    The woman would

:icongianttoby: for :iconsoul-reader:
SecretSanta-2014 by GiantToby

If you've posted yours and it isn't here yet, comment below!

The goal was to get all the gifts posted by January 1st. But if you couldn't make the deadline, try to get it posted as soon as possible!
And if you just straight up don't think you'll EVER be able to make your gift, then contact Bee or I ASAP. We have people on backup.

And that's a wrap! :iconsantalaplz:



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:bulletblue: Notice a general theme in my gallery? Well the genre is called "giant-tiny"; aka "GT" or "G/t". It is a fandom that revolves around a fascination for the interaction between people of vastly different sizes (humans, fairies, borrowers, brownies, giants, etc etc). And when you're playing with scale, it opens up a lot of fun possibilities to use in drawings/writings. So the genre allows people to take an everyday situation and after putting a G/t spin on it, make something really unique and fun. :3

:bulletblue: G/t is NOT to be confused with the fetish "macrophilia". I get zero sexual pleasure from the genre. It's just harmless fun. That said, if you're into the fetish aspects of the genre, then fine, you enjoy that. But like with religion and political views, don't push your fetishes on me.

:bulletblue: G/t isn't all I draw. But to please watchers, it's mostly what I'll post.

:bulletblue: Drawing is purely my hobby, but I'd still like to improve. So any constructive criticism is welcome. If you notice me struggling with something, send some tutorials my way!

:bulletblue: Message me if you want to chat. I don't bite. :heart:
But I am horribly slow at replying. -w-;;

:bulletblue: Thanks, and have a wonderful day! :icongianthugplz:



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