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Size-vertizement G/t Contest

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 16, 2016, 11:06 AM
Size difference has become more and more common in advertising lately.



Beauty products…




So let's see what our little community of size enthusiasts can come up with!

There are two sections to this contest: Visual and Written.

For the visual artists:
-Using size difference, create an ad to sell a mock product or promote a fake brand. Please note the emphasis on FAKE. Don't use a real brand. Either parody an existing brand (like Oreos versus Creme Betweens) or make something up!
-All visual media is welcome; drawing, photo-manipulation, 3D modeling, etc.
-But to the photo-manipulators: all images used must either belong to you or be stock images. Nabbing images of strangers from Google is awful.
-Vore IS allowed as long as it serves a purpose (such as in the candy commercial above).
-As for how SFW or NSFW entries should be, just think about what the censors allow on television and what is blocked.
-So if you want to sell your product with sex/sensual overtones (as many advertisements do), feel free to throw people into bikinis or speedos or whatever. Just keep the naughty bits covered.
-NO doll makers or bases are allowed.

For the writers:
-Write a mock review of a fantasy size-related product or service. (Ex's: a mixed-scale bar, shrink ray, tiny pet carriers, giant escort service, Uber for tinies, etc).
-You can find inspiration in reviews you've read or written on websites like Amazon or Yelp.
-Normal internet reviews can't be censored, so feel free to swear like an internet troll and be as graphic as you like (especially if it's a negative review).
-No minimum or maximum on word length.

:star::star: Prizes! :star::star:
-There will be 2 winners for the visual art contest and 2 winners for the written contest.
-Multiple entries are welcome in both categories, but you can only place once.
-All non-placing participants will receive their choice of a colored chibi or a colored character bust.

1st place:
Choose ONE of the following:
-1 drawing (Complex background, 3 characters or less, lined/colored/shaded)
-1,500 :points:
And choose TWO of the following (Can choose the same option twice):
-Flat colored G/t sketch (2 characters. No background or gradient background)
-Colored chibi (lined/colored/shaded)
-Colored character bust (semi-realism; lined/colored/shaded)

2nd place:
Choose ONE of the following:
-1 drawing (Simple/functional background, 3 characters or less, lined/flat colored)
-1000 :points:
And choose ONE of the following:
-Flat colored G/t sketch (2 characters. No background or gradient background)
-Colored chibi (lined/colored/shaded)
-Colored character bust (semi-realism; lined/colored/shaded)

Deadline: March 15th.

Hit me up with any questions you have!

Written entries:
G/t Advertising contest: Speedy SpriggansSpeedy Spriggans® : The Sweetest of Scams
Reviewer: Mandy Hawkins
Rating (out of 5): ⭐️
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this so-called ‘service,’ Speedy Spriggans® markets itself as a free and easy tiny transportation service, in which a friendly giant will whisk you away to your destination for a safe and comfortable ride.
Fellow tiny customers, we have been deceived. This is NOT what it claims to be.
First off, these people aren’t easy to find. They call themselves accessible? Well let me tell you, I was travelling with an armful of bags for a business trip, and it took me nearly an HOUR for one of these jokers to show up. What, do they only have, like, two people working at a time or something?
Anyway, after an hour I finally found one, who - for the sake of anonymity - we shall call Darby. How did I flag the guy down? HE CHASED ME! That’s right, folks, this guy I didn’t know, who also wore no insignia or other visible i

Visual entries:



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:bulletblue: Notice a general theme in my gallery? Well the genre is known as "giant tiny". Aka GT, G/t, macro/micro, size difference, and all sorts of other names. This is a fandom that revolves around a fascination for people of vastly different sizes interacting. These interactions can range from lighthearted/"fluffy" to violent/adventurous to sensual/erotic. I tend to stick to fluffier "slice of life" interactions, but to each their own!

:bulletblue: G/t often crosses over with the fetish "microphila/macrophilia". However, I get zero sexual pleasure from the genre. It's just another fun thing for me to draw and daydream about. That said, if you indulge in the fetish sides of the genre, have at it! But like with religious and political views, please don't push your fetishes on me.

:bulletblue: Drawing is purely my hobby, but I'd still like to improve. So any constructive criticism is welcome. If you notice me struggling with something, send some tutorials my way!

:bulletblue: Apologies if I don't answer your messages quickly. I work long hours in a medical lab and try to fill what free time I have with friends. So I don't log into dA every day.

:bulletblue: Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! :icongianthugplz:

Demographic time! You live... 

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As for why it's mostly male giants in my gallery...I struggle with drawing feminine characters (particularly female faces and jawlines), so giantesses don't get a whole lot of screen time here.
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