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To do list:

:bulletred: 100 Theme Challenge: 40/100 complete
:bulletred: Sawa doodles
:bulletred: Fan artz
:bulletred: Jump on YCH bandwagon? Limit to 3 or 4 character slots.
:bulletred: Character ref sheets for summer contest.

What I owe others :
-Cewilson gift

Contests to enter:… Deadline 4/15

What others owe me:
:bulletgreen: KcBarron2000 Point commish (payment when posted)
:bulletred: Chrisseh-chan Mini plushie prize. Doubt she'll ever do ANY of the prizes. But I can still hope.
:bulletred: kuberish Sketch chibi prize

''Playlist Meme'' and some other junk

Thu Mar 19, 2015, 11:24 AM
Tagged by :iconfriendlyfoxpal: and :iconmythrilmog:

Uh…I guess you take your username and make an anagram with songs. I picked some out of my iTunes library that I think gives a fair sense of what kind of stuff I listen to. Classic rock, sound tracks from Musicals, cello-based covers to songs, and the occasional Disney thingy.

Keep Yourself Alive - Queen…

I Write Sins Not Tragedies -Vitamin String Quartet cover…

No Good Deed -Wicked…

Dream On - Aerosmith…

I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles…

I'll Make a Man Out of You -…

No tagging. I've seen like...20 of these pop up in my inbox this week. XD


Other than that…not much to report here. Still working my gross Monday-Friday 2-11 p.m. shift.

Been dipping my toes into role-playing again…do what you will with that information. XD

I want to host a contest over the summer (when I'm hoping most deviants will have more free time). Still need to come up with a solid theme. I'm thinking of something along the lines of an OC cross over. Which means that I need to write up some short descriptions and proper visual references for my OC's that I'd want included. And for prizes I want to offer a variety of dA points, money, and drawing requests. The prizes will have a tier system where the more entries there are, the more prizes will become available. I think that might motivate participation. I want to be inclusive, so there'll be separate categories for writers and visual mediums. Though for the writers, instead of an OC crossover I might say "pick a deviation from my gallery and write a one shot story for it." Thoughts?  Edit: Nope. I wrote up everything for the contest and I'm excluding writers. =X /end edit

One more thing, ENTER :iconosric09:'s CONTEST!…
I've been working on my own entry this week, but he needs more entries dang it! CASH PRIZES! ENTER! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE!? D8<  Deadline April 15th. =w=



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:bulletblue: Notice a general theme in my gallery? Well the genre is called "giant-tiny"; aka "GT" or "G/t". It is a fandom that revolves around a fascination for the interaction between people of vastly different sizes (humans, fairies, borrowers, brownies, giants, etc etc). And when you're playing with scale, it opens up a lot of fun possibilities to use in drawings/writings. So the genre allows people to take an everyday situation and after putting a G/t spin on it, make something really unique and fun. :3

:bulletblue: G/t is NOT to be confused with the fetish "macrophilia". I get zero sexual pleasure from the genre. It's just harmless fun. That said, if you're into the fetish aspects of the genre, then fine, you enjoy that. But like with religion and political views, don't push your fetishes on me.

:bulletblue: G/t isn't all I draw. But to please watchers, it's mostly what I'll post.

:bulletblue: Drawing is purely my hobby, but I'd still like to improve. So any constructive criticism is welcome. If you notice me struggling with something, send some tutorials my way!

:bulletblue: Message me if you want to chat. I don't bite. :heart:
But I am horribly slow at replying. -w-;;

:bulletblue: Thanks, and have a wonderful day! :icongianthugplz:

When browsing G/t deviations, do you have a preference for which genders are involved? 

60 deviants said Yes, most of the time.
24 deviants said Sometimes.
24 deviants said Nope. G/t is G/t. Bring on the multi-scale fluff!
1 deviant said :cookie:



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I'm back lol just finished unpacking and i'll get to the rp tomorrow evening
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Coolio. Thanks for checking in with me. :3
So you like the new home?
TheZetahawke Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
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Ack. Take a nap? Pop some pills? See a doctor? Maybe it's allergies?
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Huispe Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch ^^
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Aaaaaaaah i didn't forget about your comission! D: It is in the works, I swear! I really wanna get it done
Kindii Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Chiiiillllll. I'm not raging over here like "WHERE'S THAT DRAWING THAT I HAVEN'T PAID FOR YET!?" Take your time and try to have fun with it. :icongianthugplz:
KcBarron2000 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
Haha, I kno ur cool. But I still feel bad cuz it's taking so long when it really shouldn't..... I'm just so lazy urrrrgh ;u;

I am enjoying it though!I am a dummy! 
Kindii Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
*shrug* When I was doing commissions, the bigger ones would take a month or more to do. XD
iowaguy1979 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
you NEED to do a draw of Panda rocking out on a guitar with building sized amps!  ...although, as I wrote that, I realised that she wouldn't want to hurt tinies like that.  it does make for a cool visual, if nothing else.  only problem is I have no monies to commish you with...
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